Geek speak

by Lotte Agten, Christina Schraml

AstroTurfing – a way of advertising or promoting a product, service, or idea, but designed to mask its origins and create the impression of being spontaneous and popular.

Champions: to get conversations started in an online community, a group of enthusiast people is needed to get things moving by posting stuff, interacting, and helping each other: the champions!

Crowdsourcing – to outsource a task traditionally performed by a professional to an unidentified large group or crowd. The skills and efforts of the crowd outside the organization can contribute to content and even solve problems.

Deciprocity – saying or doing the wrong things online. Beware, can result in a chronic decrease of friends, followers and fans!

Open-Collar Workers – increasing digitalisation and rise of the internet has had an enormous impact on our everyday lives, including the way people work. Previously, blue-collar and white-collar workers were dominant, but more people nowadays are becoming open-collar workers, i.e. people who work at home or telecommute.

Folksonomy – a system of collaboratively creating and managing tags in order to categorize content. Synonyms of Folksonomy are or social indexing, social classification, collaborative tagging, and social tagging.

Socialationship – a mutually significant and beneficial connection or relation obtained by networking online.

Splog – beware for the so-called ‘splogs’! These are spam blogs systematically set up to promote affiliate websites, to increase the search engine rankings of linked sites, or simply to sell ads.


You walk the walk, but do you talk the talk? Share your ‘geek speek’ (Feel free to comment in a constructive way)

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